Venue : Coral Deira - April 23 ~ 24, 2016, Dubai, UAE

Accepted Papers

  • IRIS and Finger Vein Multi Model Recognition System Based on Sift Features
    Mohammed Yaqub,Mansoura University,Egypt
  • Individual identification process is a very significant process that resides a large portion of day by day usages. Identification process is appropriate in work place, private zones, banks …etc. Individuals are rich subject having many characteristics that can be used for recognition purpose such as finger vein, iris, face …etc. Finger vein and iris key-points are considered as one of the most talented biometric authentication techniques for its security and convenience. SIFT is new and talented technique for pattern recognition. However, some shortages exist in many related techniques, such as difficulty of feature loss, feature key extraction, and noise point introduction. In this manuscript a new method named SIFT-based iris and SIFT-based finger vein identification with normalization and enhancement is proposed for achieving better performance. In evaluation with other SIFT-based iris or SIFT-based finger vein recognition algorithms, the suggested technique can overcome the difficulties of accurate extraction of key-points and clear the noise points without feature loss. Experimental outcomes demonstrate that the normalization and improvement steps are critical for SIFT-based iris recognition and SIFT-based finger vein recognition , the recommended method can accomplish satisfactory recognition performance.
  • A Survey of Multi-Agents System Based Security Policies for Multi-Media Contents
    Haoua Cheribi 1 and Mohamed Khireddine Kholladi 2, 1Abdehamid Mehri University, Algeria and 2 El Oued University, Algeria
    The aim of this paper is not to provide a general review of the state of art in some securing policies representations. But to focus on the analysis of how security issue in systems based on multi agents systems for multi-media contents is treated in literature. As well as to establish a comparison, in order to deduce the best ways to threat this kind of problems. We have especially chosen multi-media content as application area, since the latter is characterized by the open aspect of use and the diversity and complexity features which present an interesting matter requiring further need of security. Multi-media applications are widely available on the wide world web and stand at the forefront of their use thanks to their specific functions and high expression. However, theses information still dealt with security issues witch present an important aspect of any system.